Chorlton clinic:


How much does it cost?

Initial consultation and treatment starts from £30 rising to £45.
Follow up treatments cost start from £15 rising to £25.

You choose what you can afford to pay between our pricing bands.
We don't ask questions about income, we just ask you to pay what you can genuinely afford and we understand that might change each time you come.

Really, we don't ask questions, we just aim to treat people who will be benefit from regular treatment at affordable prices.

If you need a receipt for your payments just let us know.

Sorry !! We don't have any debit or credit card facilities, but we do accept cash, cheques or BACS transfer.

How do we provide such an affordable service?

Our clinic space is strictly no frills !
It was chosen for its easy access, parking facilities and low rent.
There are no fluffy towels or bath robes, but it is clean and licensed for acupuncture by Manchester City Council. We do have all the basics, including single use sterile needles, a sharps contract and all the right paperwork and insurance which shows we practise cleanly and safely.

The clinic is run as a not-for-profit Community Interest Company and all the overhead costs are kept to an absolute minimum. Our team does get paid for the treatments they do, but a proportion of our takings goes back into the clinic to buy equipment, pay the bills and any little emergency we might need to take care of.

The communal clinic space enables us to treat several clients at a time - everyone gets their individual 20 minutes and then plenty of time on the couch - but this is what keeps our costs down.


Did you know . . . that there are over 870 recommendations for acupuncture for over 100 conditions from multiple international groups and over 30 countries? Now that is news !
Source: Birch, S. et al EuJim 2016].

Great news acu lovers
John Gradwell is back with us after a short break. To make an appointment with John just give us a call.

Acupuncture when used alongside IVF doubles the chances of pregnancy  - these results are from a study by Homerton University Hospital in London. 160 couples were divided into two groups. Pregnancy rates in the half receiving acupuncture were 46.2% against 21.7% in the half which did not. Stuart Lavery, consultant gynaecologist at Hammersmith Hospital said “There is a patient demand in the field of acupuncture  . . . and this study is interesting in that it shows a statistically significant difference."


Manchester Accessible Acupuncture Project CIC trades under the name of
The Acupuncture Works.
We are a Social Enterprise Community Interest Company and a workers cooperative.