Chorlton clinic:


The Acupuncture Works is a community acupuncture clinic, also known as a 'Multibed'.

What does this mean?

Clients are treated in one room
with screens separating the
tment couches for privacy.

Treating in this setting reduces ou
r overheads which means we can pass the savings onto you. Whilst you receive a relaxing treatment in a communal setting.

Respecting your privacy

Initial consultations are done in a private room. Anything you tell us confidential and we can make this room available should you wish to talk to us in confidence.

Most treatments don't require you to undress further than taking your shoes and socks off and rolling up your trousers and shirt sleeves. If we need access to other areas of the body such as the back, shoulders or tummy, towels are provided. Treatment only takes place when you are comfortable.

Why choose a community setting?

- it's cheaper !

- often, treatment is longer: giving you the most

- acupuncture in a communal setting can be very therapeutic and

- challenging and complex issues can be considered by more than one acupuncturist, enhancing the best practice in your treatment

Community acupuncture clinics started in Seatle in the US and it is fast growing movement in the UK, with new clinics popping up all the time. Look at and community acupuncture network for more details.


Did you know . . . that there are over 870 recommendations for acupuncture for over 100 conditions from multiple international groups and over 30 countries? Now that is news !
Source: Birch, S. et al EuJim 2016].

Great news acu lovers
John Gradwell is back with us after a short break. To make an appointment with John just give us a call.

Acupuncture when used alongside IVF doubles the chances of pregnancy  - these results are from a study by Homerton University Hospital in London. 160 couples were divided into two groups. Pregnancy rates in the half receiving acupuncture were 46.2% against 21.7% in the half which did not. Stuart Lavery, consultant gynaecologist at Hammersmith Hospital said “There is a patient demand in the field of acupuncture  . . . and this study is interesting in that it shows a statistically significant difference."


Manchester Accessible Acupuncture Project CIC trades under the name of
The Acupuncture Works.
We are a Social Enterprise Community Interest Company and a workers cooperative.